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Chief Keef Lost His Mind When Idol JAY-Z Mention Him On “Ape Sh*t”

Chief Keef and JAY-Z

Chief Keef lost his mind recently when his idol JAY-Z mention him once again on his song with Beyonce “Ape Sh*t.”

While this is not the first time that JAY-Z is shouting out Chief Keef on a track, his reaction to this one was pretty over the top. Last month, Hov and Beyonce dropped their new album “Everything Is Love” and on the first single “Ape Sh*t” the rap legend gave Sosa another honorable mention.

“I’m a gorilla in the f**kin’ coupe / Finna pull up in the zoo / I’m like Chief Keef meet Rafiki—who been lyin’ “King” to you?” JAY-Z raps. Some fans are suggesting that Hov may be dissing Tekashi 6ix9ine who is beefing with Keef and is even under investigation for a shooting incident in NYC where the Chicago rapper was shot at.

Chief Keef shared his excitement on Twitter recently where he tweeted, “Jay Z shouted me out once again!!!! God damn…. #RocNation I’m coming home.” We’re told that Sosa went insane after founding out JAY gave him another shout-out.

“[JAY-Z] That’s his idol so you know that boy nearly lost his mind when he got that namedrop,” sources said. “We turned up to the track the whole weekend man it was crazy. When you get respect from the biggest of the biggest in this game then you know your sh*t is hard.”