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Lloyd Poses Nude For “Tru” Album Cover Art


Lloyd posed nude on the cover of his upcoming album “Tru” due on August 31st.

Artists these days are getting more and more creative with their album cover arts to attract more attention to their body of work. Last month, we saw Nicki Minaj released the cover art for her new album Queen where she left very little to the imagination. R&B singer Lloyd perhaps took it a step further by posing nude using only his guitar to cover his eggplant.

Regardless of your feelings towards his decision, it’s working for him because here we are talking about it and thus bringing more attention to his new LP. Lloyd also released a preview of the first single off the album “Caramel.” This project will be his first since dropping his Tru EP in 2016.

It’s not quite clear if he plans to name this project the same title, or if this is Tru part two. The bottom line is, he manages to peak his female fans interest by releasing the artwork.

The album will boast 11 tracks, and you can listen to a preview of the first single “Caramel” below.

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter.