Boonk Gang Back On Instagram Giving Away $200 To New Followers

Boonk Gang IG

Boonk Gang is back on Instagram, and he is giving away $200 to new followers.

Boonk’s Instagram account was deleted on Monday after he posted some explicit videos on IG Story. It seems enough people flagged his account and admin took down his page at 4.1 million followers. The social media star now has to start from scratch. To entice new followers, Boonk says he is giving away $200 to the first 100,000 followers, and he will do it via Paypal or Cashapp.

Boonk is famous for his viral videos of himself stealing things like donuts and food inside fast food joints. But these days he is taking things a step further by traveling to every city in the U.S. and banging chicks raw and videoing it. Perhaps he is planning to get into the adult film game or something. That move undoubtedly cost him an Instagram account with 4.1 million followers.