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Internet Troll Plans To Sue Nicki Minaj Claim Her Fans Threaten Him

Nicki Minaj

An internet troll is threatening to sue Nicki Minaj claiming that she incited her fans to threaten him.

If you’re a regular user of the internet then you will know that certain celebrities have some very protective fan bases. Celebrities like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna have a cult-like following and these fans will rip you to threads if you go after any one of these artists. One troll on Twitter learned the hard way last week when he went after Nicki for what he calls being hypocritical for speaking out against Instagram models selling sex and then rapping about selling sex.

Nicki Minaj clapped back hard at his statement on Twitter, pretty much telling him to get off her d**k and then her fans went in for the killer. Now he is threatening to sue the Young Money rapper claiming that she incited her fans to threaten bully and threaten him.

“I do NOT care how much money and power one has, or even how many supporters a person has, I will NOT be bullied into silence,” Trammel wrote. “I will take legal action against the person who incited violence, threats, and mass harassment; critique of an article doesn’t justify these crimes.”

In her defense, Nicki Minaj says she was critiquing herself in her interview with Elle magazine and suggest to her troll to go and read the article. Still, there are some lessons to be learned here, for anyone who wants criticize celebrities for the way they live their lives or for their music. Don’t come for me if I didn’t send for you.

If he decides to sue, there is a good chance he will lose and left in the hole with a hefty legal bill. Celebrities have no control over who their fans attack and we see it happens every day.