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Lil Wayne and Cash Money Settles Multimillion Dollar Lawsuit

Lil Wayne and Cash Money Records have settled their lawsuit.

Lil Wayne long battle with Birdman and Cash Money is now over. Two years ago, the Young Money rapper filed a $51 million lawsuit against the label he called home claiming that they owe him millions of dollars and are preventing him from making more money by holding his album hostage. After a long battle, it seems Universal Records stepped in and cut a big check for Weezy, The Blast reported.

In March 2016, Lil Wayne also filed a lawsuit against Universal Music over unpaid profits for his Young Money artists Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Tyga. That suit is now settled so it seems Weezy is finally getting what he wants or perhaps Universal is just tired of the ongoing legal battle.

Seems Cash Money has a reputation for not paying its debt because right after Lil Wayne filed his $51 million lawsuit against the label, Aspire Music Group, run by Jas Prince who founded Drake, also sued Birdman for withholding profits from sales of the Toronto rapper’s music. We all know that Drake has been a cash cow for the label, so Aspire is claiming the Cash Money owes them millions of dollars.

In March of this year, Lil Wayne and Birdman were spotted at a club in Miami, signaling that the two might be trying again to repair their relationship. But now sources are saying that their relationship is still very much strained and maybe beyond repair. The two rappers, who previously had a father and son-like relationship, are still hostile towards one another.