Birdman Sued By Jas Prince Over Drake Record Contract

Birdman has a new lawsuit on his hands with the guy who discovered Drake, Jas Prince, suing him over the rapper’s recording contract.

Prince has already sued Cash Money Records for unpaid royalty and because that legal battle is drawn out, he is now suing Birdman who is the CEO of the company. Jas Prince seems determine to get his share of Drake’s profits after signing an agreement with Cash Money for a cut of his royalties when they signed the Toronto rapper to the label.

His new lawsuit named Birdman, whose real name is Bryan Williams, and his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams as the plaintiffs. Both brothers are co-founders of Cash Money Records. Jas Prince owned a company name Aspire Music Group which got Drake the contract with Young Money/Cash Money. As part of the contract, both Jas Prince and Aspire is entitled to a cut of the profits from Drake’s music sales. According to the suit, Birdman failed to meet his contractual obligations by not paying Aspire Music Group it’s portion of the profits.

Jas Prince said that Birdman and company cheated him out of $4 million, TMZ reported. He has hired high power attorney Marc Kasowitz to get his money, so he means business.