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Kanye West Revamps Entire ‘YE’ Album After Saying ‘Slavery Was A Choice’

Kanye West

Kanye West confirmed what we already suspected that he revamped his entire YE album after saying “slavery was a choice.”

Kanye West got hammered in the media last month following his controversial interview on TMZ where he said 400 years of slavery was nothing other than a choice. While he said other controversial things in that interview, that statement alone was enough to earn him the ire of the entire world. But get this, even though a lot of folks say they will cancel him going forward, they were all bumping his new album YE this weekend when it was finally released.

Earlier this year, Kanye and a bunch of his friends including producers and rappers went up in the mountains of Wyoming to work on the album. After he did the controversial interview, Ye was spotted back in Wyoming presumably working on more new music and now we know why.

Kanye West did an interview with Big Boy at his album listening party in Wyoming where he revealed that he revamp the entire album after his TMZ outburst because he felt like the original was too sensitive in light of what was happening with his love for President Trump, saying slavery was a choice, and that infamous photo of him wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

“That’s what the universe has given me, that’s the energy, that’s the bars, because that’s what we do when we doing like these albums,” Kanye said. “I completely redid the album after TMZ [interview]. We just sat there and really honed in on the words because now it’s all headlines, it’s like every bar can be used.”

The G.O.O.D. Music rapper then revealed that he removed the bar from the album because it was just too sensitive. He didn’t reveal the lyrics in question but you can imagine its likely about slavery or Trump. “I took a bar off the album,” Kanye said. “It was just too sensitive. It was about that topic. And I just let go. ‘I’m gonna just chill right now, let’s just keep making some music.”

Perhaps some folks gave Kanye West a good talking to and he finally listens or maybe he just felt like the controversy just wasn’t worth it. Nevertheless, I’ve listened to the album and its fire.