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Lil Pump & J. Cole Ends Beef Interview Each Other

J Cole and Lil Pump

Lil Pump and J. Cole have officially ended their beef and have even interviewed each other.

This is a giant step for the two rappers who up until last month were trading bars. This is even a greater moment for hip hop showing that even hardened foes can make peace and co-exist in the genre. Lil Pump and J. Cole had a face-to-face at the Rolling Loud festival in Miami on May 11th. Earlier this month, Urban Islandz posted a video showing Pump dancing on the side of the stage while the Dreamville rapper was performing his infamous diss track “1985.”

In the short clip below, you can see J. Cole asking Lil Pump about an arrest back in February involving a gun and weed. “The weed sh*t,” Pump said. “[It] smelled like weed in my house. People get tired of that sh*t. So we started arguing, and I told him the same sh*t like, ‘Bro, you’re f***ing bombing.’ And he got mad. He tried to fight me and sh*t. That’s when I pulled the strap out on him.”

Lil Pump was the first to diss J. Cole in a song last year called “F**k J Cole” and for the most part the Roc Nation rapper ignored the jabs. That silence came to an end last month when Cole released his new album “KOD.” One of the singles off the project is called “1985 (Intro to ‘The Fall Off’)” where he disses Lil Pump and all the other new wave Lil mumble rappers out there.

Lil Pump responded to the diss a day after the song came out calling J. Cole lame for dissing a 17-year-old rapper. Here is a snippet of the interview and the full clip will be released sometime this week.