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Lil Pump Spotted Enjoying J. Cole Performing “1985” Diss

Lil Pump might be a fan of J. Cole after all.

Lil Pump and J. Cole have been beefing since last year although the Dreamville rapper only responded for the first time last month when he released his new album “KOD.” On the single “1985,” Cole issued a takedown of Lil Pump and all the other new waves Lil rappers in a clever wordplay over a catchy beat. The track has been getting a lot of attention.

On Friday night, J. Cole was performing the song “1985” at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami and Lil Pump was captured on video at the side of the stage rocking out to the performance just like the rest of us in the audience.

This illustration one point that I like to make ever so often. Sometimes the fans get a little too entrench into rap beef while rappers are behind the scenes ignoring it for the most part and cashing in on the extra publicity. Just last weekend J. Cole stopped his fans from chanting “F*** Lil Pump” during one of his performance. This summer he will be going on tour with Young Thug so he might be required to do more of then given that he will be performing for his home fans following a short trek overseas.

Nevertheless, Lil Pump dancing while J. Cole disses him on stage is a little bit scripted given how much he is rocking out to a song that is not meant to dance to. Then again he is only 17 so perhaps he is just being a kid lost in the moment.

J. Cole is often mentioned in the top five rappers of this generation and over the past year hip hop fans have been urging the “Gucci Gang” rapper to leave this beef alone because it could be detrimental to his career. Seems he has been listening to that advice.