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Cardi B Gives Update On Offset’s Condition

Cardi B

Cardi B has given us an update on Offset’s condition and it sounds like he is doing well.

The Migos rapper is currently hospitalized following a car crash on Wednesday night in Atlanta. Offset‘s muscle car was seen taken away from the crash scene on a wrecker and both himself and the car was pretty banged up. “My baby is doing ok I love you so much,” she tweeted on Thursday before adding, “Sooo grateful and happy today.”

Cardi B, who is eight months pregnant, says god is sending her boyfriend a message but she didn’t elaborate on what she thinks the message is. “Sooo grateful and happy today. God be giving messages in the weirdest way I love you [Offset],” she added on Twitter.

Offset’s car crash couldn’t come at a worst time for the couple who is expecting their first child together next month. The good news is it sounds like he will be okay and may have suffered only minor injuries. The former Love and Hip Hop star has been in the headlines a lot these days not just for her new album and her buzzing career, but also for her recent beef with Harlem rapper Azealia Banks who called her a caricature of a black woman and says hip hop lowered the bar for her.

Cardi B offload a lot off her chest before deleting her Instagram account. She is still on Twitter even though she private her account for about a day so she is still interacting with her fans.