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Migos Sued After YRN Clothing Line Deal Went South

Migos has some new legal troubles on their hands over the Yung Rich Nation (YRN) clothing line.

The YRN company is claiming that Migos screwed them over in an exclusive deal to market the YRN clothing line, TMZ reported. The Atlanta rap trio’s debut album is called Yung Rich Nation and they have been using the YRN moniker on their social media hands and in other ways.

But in a new lawsuit, YRN Clothing says Migos agreed to market the brand by wearing the cloth in 4 photo shoots, 6 music videos per year, and do at least 6 in-store signings. Turns out that they fell short in doing what they agreed to and now the company, headed by Norton Cher, is suing them for damages.

The suit also claimed that Migos cut a side deal with Universal Music Group and started marketing their own apparel. As if that wasn’t enough, Cher claimed that Migos tried to shut down the entire Yung Rich Nation company after getting vengeful.

It’s unclear how much money the company is suing the rap group for.