Bounty Killer Reacts To Getting Kicked On Stage By Female Fan

Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer was stunned on stage earlier this week when a crazed female fan kicked him.

The dancehall legend is currently in Europe on tour and so far things have been going well. His fans have been pouring out in huge numbers all across Europe to see him perform. Yesterday, someone sent Urban Islandz the below video showing Bounty Killer performing in Sweden while an overzealous female fan danced on stage. She was possibly drunk or just got lost in the moment. She then abruptly kicked the Killer and that’s when he ushered her off the stage.

Bounty Killer is known for his “cross, angry, and miserable” personality, but he handled this situation very well. The dancehall icon continued his performance and his fans were loving it.

“I was very surprised and dazed for a second, but when music kicks, you really feel no pain,” Killer said. “I guess it’s just a crazy fan, but I love them all.”

Most artists would lose it in a situation like this so Bounty Killer deserves a lot of credit for keeping his cool and continue to his performance. We have yet to identify the fan that did the kicking but fans are digging on social media to locate her.

“Kudos to Bounty for handling this so well, real legend in a this because if he did react badly it would be all over the news so everybody should big up the Killer for this I have a new found rating for him,” one fan wrote.

“We need to find da gal deh and done her, very disrespectful,” another fan wrote.