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Kelis Details How Nas Use To Beat Her

Kelis and Nas

Kelis joins the #MeToo movement by detailing how Nas use to beat her back in the day.

Kelis and Nas have had a bitter breakup almost a decade ago and since the exes have been in and out of court over custody and child support for their son. Recently, the rap legend scored a victory in court winning more visitation rights for his son and even claimed that Kelis has been hostile towards him. these days, the R&B singer has been busy cooking and living her best life with her husband and sons, Knight, who is 8, and Sheperd, who is 2.

The “Milkshake” singer turn entrepreneur chef is now speaking out about her past relationship with Nas, telling Hollywood Unlocked that there was a lot of mental and physical abuse. A lot of folks are now asking her why now and bot several years ago and she said she did it to protect her son and out of sympathy towards the rap icon.

“His memory is definitely faulty,” she said. “I’ve waited 9 years to say anything. I have never talked about this man. The amount of airing out that I could do and don’t do is what our kids will find out.”

There were a lot of rumors that Kelis filed for divorce because Nas was cheating on her, but she said that was not the primary reason for her decision although that ultimately tipped the scale. Kelis separated from Nas and then filed for divorce when she was seven months pregnant with their son. She also said that the infamous Chris Brown and Rihanna beating saga also helped influence her decision to leave.

“When the Rihanna and Chris Brown pictures came out I thought about coming out because I also had bruises all over my body,” Kelis said. “But I didn’t say anything because I’m private. But seeing her the way she looked and then looking at myself… I felt embarrassed.”

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