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Missy Elliot and SZA Dropping A Scorcher Collab

Missy Elliot and SZA put fans on high alert for a potential new collaboration coming soon.

The rap legend and the TDE singer raised some eyebrows on Twitter on Sunday when one fan asked them about a collaboration. “I really wanna hear a [Missy Elliott] x [SZA] collab,” Donell asked. SZA responded saying, “A dangerous dream I only dreamt in me dreams.” Missy later chimed in saying, “Sounds like a SCORCHER BANGA to me Mercy!” while using some fire emojis. That was the end of the conversation or maybe the rest of it took place in their DMs.

In no way shape or form, this is a confirmation that they are dropping a new track, but it’s the closest thing to a confirmation we have now. Sources are saying that the two cooked something up in the studio recently so this may not be the last we are hearing something from these two.

Missy Elliot has been working on a new album for the last year while SZA is still reveling in the success of her debut album CTRL. She recently revealed that she has six bonus singles coming for the deluxe version of the album coming out soon. Perhaps one of those tracks will feature Missy Elliot.