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Duval Roast Ne-Yo Over Comments About “Faithful Men”

Lil Duval is currently on Instagram roasting Ne-Yo over some comments he made about being faithful to his woman.

Over the weekend, Ne-Yo sounds off on Instagram about being a faithful man to his wife and while he received a lot of support from his fans, he did get trolled by Lil Duval that triggered a social media spat between the two. “We Gotta Make Being Faithful to One Woman Cool Again Like 90s R&B Songs,” the R&B singer wrote. “That Kind of Love Needs to Come Back Cause This Grown Boy Stuff is Corny.”

Lil Duval responded pretty much blasting the R&B legend while bringing up his past relationships. “The f**k wrong with this ni**a Ne-Yo mayne? outchea just breaking all types of guycodes,” the comedian wrote while getting some support from T.I. who commented, “Preach it pastor! Can I get a Amen.”

Ne-Yo wasn’t too thrilled about Duval’s comment on his statement and pushed back while clearing up rumors that he cheated on his ex-wife Monyetta Shaw. “I love how as soon as I post something about being a good man or the evolution of somebody wants to bring up what they think they know about my past relationship,” Ne-Yo wrote. “It’s sad that some are still holding on to a past that isn’t even accurate. Especially considering that the people actually involved been moved on.”

“I’ve never claimed to be a ‘perfect man’ that isn’t real,” the singer added. “But I’ve also never forced a woman to do anything ever in my life. I can wait til’ we get to the place where people do a lil’ research before just believing anything they’re presented with.”

“Excuse my rant. But the ignorance needs to be put to rest. Much love to those out there trying to evolve. #GoodManSeason,” Ne-Yon continues.