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Safaree Says Nicki Minaj Creep On Him And Kiss Nas

Safaree Samuels is not holding anything back these days including that time Nicki Minaj famously kissed Nas in “Right By My Side” video.

Why wasn’t Safaree asked this question before? So back in 2012, Nicki Minaj cast Nas as her love interest in her music video “Right By My Side” featuring Chris Brown. The “Hunnid” rapper appeared on Easily Offended episode 13 podcast this morning where he was asked how he felt when Nicki kissed Nas. SB says he found out about it when the video came out months later and he was very hurt about it.

“I ain’t going to lie ni**a I was hurt,” Safaree said while admitting that he was there the whole day and didn’t even knew that his fiance at the time had kiss another man on a music video set. “Because before that I use to always be like aight cool okay great, give Drake a lap dance great, Lil Wayne, that was whatever, but that was like… I was there the whole day, I was like, ‘Damn did that happen when I left to go?’ I must have left for like an hour.”

Safaree Samuels even admitted that he is the type of dude who would cry about something like that. Nevertheless, it’s good to see him put all of that behind him and is now able to freely talked and joked about it. In an interview last month, SB says Nicki once told him that if it wasn’t for his large meat she would’ve left him a long time ago.

Safaree and Nicki Minaj broke up in 2014 and she went on to date Meek Mill before dating Nas for real this time. Her relationship with Nas ended in December of last year and since then Samuels has been dropping some hints that he might want to get back together with her.