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50 Cent Trolls Juelz Santana For Running From Cops

50 Cent is trolling Juelz Santana for running from the cops in a gun incident.

In case you’ve been in the dark, the Dipset rapper flees the Newark Liberty International Airport on Friday night when TSA found a gun inside his bags. Up to the time of this publication, cops are still unable to locate the rapper and an APB is out for his arrest. Santana was going through security to board his flight when TSA came upon a handgun in his luggage. His first reaction was to bolt out of the airport and flee the scene all entirely in a waiting cab.

The entire incident seems like something out of an action comedy movie, but it’s very real. 50 Cent is now on Instagram making fun of Juelz Santana and while he is at it, he might just write a script about the incident. “Damn Blood, but what about da Gang. LOL,” Fifty wrote in the caption of a photo of Santana.

“He said i just remembered I got some sh*t to do,” 50 Cent added in the comments on his own post. “Fat a*s TSA like what da f*** is you running for Blood you on tape. Lol.”

Last week, 50 Cent got some heat from his own fans for making fun of Rick Ross who was fighting for his life in a Miami hospital. Some fans say they would stop following him for the distasteful joke, but Fifty told them please go ahead because at the end of the day it’s his social media account and if you don’t like what he posts then kick rocks.

The whereabouts of Juelz Santana is not currently known and cops are urging him to turn himself it which I suspect he will do given that he is a famous celebrity. In the meantime, 50 Cent has someone new to troll on social media.