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50 Cent Says Rick Ross Jab Was A Joke Amidst Backlash

50 Cent

50 Cent is addressing his distasteful jab at Rick Ross over the weekend calling it a joke.

The G-Unit rap legend got some serious heat from hip-hop fans when he made two posts on Instagram taking shots at Rick Ross while he was in the hospital fighting for his life. Some fans told him point blank that they will unfollow him for what he did, but 50 Cent is unapologetic saying that anyone who doesn’t like what he post on his page should kick rocks.

“Listen, if you don’t like my humor just stay the f*** off my Instagram man,” he said in a video posted on IG. “I don’t give a f*** what you talking about. Mother**** here talkin’ bout I ain’t culture, I am hip-hop culture, am hip-hop culture people.”

“Listen l never asked you to follow me,” 50 Cent wrote. “If you don’t like what l post unfollow me, please get the f*** outta here. Lol.” Some fans are s

Last weekend, 50 Cent got hammered by his fans for his cold statement towards Rick Ross while the rapper was in a Miami hospital. Despite clearing things up a little bit saying it was all just humor, some fans are still pushing back. “What hiphop culture? Do you even make music anymore. Your movies dont even rep hiphop culture,” one fan wrote.

Some fans are even calling for him to apologize to Rick Ross and make peace, but that’s unlikely to happen given the history between these two rap titans. 50 Cent hatred for Rozay runs deep and let’s not forget that the MMG rapper’s baby mama is part of the reason why Fifty had to file for bankruptcy. Rozay even clowned him in a diss track using his “In Da Club” beat for which 50 Cent sued him for in 2015. But still wishing death for anyone is always a bad thing.