Kylie Jenner Back To Thirst Trapping On SnapChat Shows Off Post-Baby Body

Kylie Jenner is back on SnapChat thirst trapping a month after giving birth.

The reality starlet/makeup mogul posted a video showcasing her banging post-baby body and it’s hard to tell if she was ever pregnant or even just gave birth a few weeks ago. It was only a few days ago that a single tweet from Kylie Jenner was blamed for tanking SnapChat stocks after she complained bitterly about the apps new design, just like other millions of users. The day after she tweeted out her grouses, the stock fell $1.3 billion in one day.

SnapChat has since issued a statement saying that they will not go back to the old design and users will get used to the new design over time. Seems their predictions were spot on because Kylie Jenner did say she doesn’t even open the app anymore and now she is on their thirst trapping. Other users have stopped complaining about the design and things appear to be going smoothly for SnapChat as their stock price stabilized.

Yesterday, Kylie Jenner posted a short video of herself wearing her underwear and a crop top showing off her famous cakes. The biggest winner in this equation is Travis Scott who knocked up Kylie just a few weeks after they started dating. In fact, she became pregnant so quick in their relationship that Tyga is dropping hints that he may be the father of her baby girl Stormi.

Travis Scott recently bought Kylie Jenner a Ferrari LaFerrari worth $1.4 million as his thank you gift for giving birth to his first child. The supercar is also super rare with only about 500 of them ever made. So she is in an ultra-exclusive supercar club thanks to her very rich boyfriend. The rapper is currently working on his new album due later this year.