Birdman Says Nicki Minaj Is The Greatest Female Rapper Of All-Time

Birdman says Nicki Minaj is the best female rapper of all-time.

A lot of Nicki Minaj fans will agree with Birdman’s statement, but a lot of other hip hop fans will disagree. Whether or not you agree that she is the best or greatest female rapper of all-time, one must agree that she has achieved a lot for herself in hip hop over the last decade. At one point she was arguably the only female rapper in the mainstream, but like all great MCs, she has her critics.

Birdman is batting for the home team on this one but here is what he has to say during an interview with Rap-Up. “There’s levels to this sh*t,” he said. “Very much levels to this sh*t. She’s an elite. Sometimes, you can put Nicki in a room with males on a rap, but if you put her on females, it’s nothing. She’s a monster in her own race. She’s just a special talent. I’m blessed to have her a part of my team.”

Nicki Minaj is currently on a social media hiatus and Birdman is giving some insights as to the reason why she has been missing from the Gram. Last month, Urban Islandz reported that Nicki has been quietly working on her fourth album which is the main reason why she has been absent from social media. The Cash Money honcho pretty much backed up that reporting.

“She’s been working and she’s focused,” he added. “I always say she’s the best ever, best female ever in hip-hop, hands down, facts.”

We’re told that Nicki Minaj has been working on the album for over a year now and she recently scrapped what she worked on last year and started the project from scratch. Hence why she is laying low and focusing on finishing it for release sometime this year.