Watch Nipsey Hussle Run From Cops In “Hussle and Motivate” Video

Nipsey Hussle is currently on his victory lap.

The Crenshaw emcee drops some visuals for his Victory Lap single “Hussle and Motivate.” The short film video features the rapper running from the feds after he and his crew pulled off a heist to secure a million dollars to bail his friend out of jail. The cut starts out with Nipsey Husslediscussing his friend’s bond with someone who is possibly an attorney or a bail bonds man. They then agreed that he will need between a million and 1.5 million dollars to get his homie out of jail.

The next step in his master plan is to rob an armored truck and just like a movie they pulled off the heist. His girlfriend Lauren London pulled up in a getaway car and they hit the freeway with cops chasing.

The cops chased them straight into the hood and that’s when things ended badly for the police officer. Nipsey Hussle crew quickly cornered the police officer and quickly flipped the script on him by strapping him into the back of his own squad car. The video then ended with them bailing their friend out of jail.

Nipsey Hussle released his debut album Victory Lap last week and so far he has been getting rave reviews for the project.