Aidonia Is The Biggest Dancehall Artist In Jamaica Now Says Seani B

Aidonia is the biggest dancehall artist in Jamaica currently, according to Seani B.

This is a remarkably bold statement from the BBC 1Xtra radio host who was in Jamaica recently partying and doing some label related business. While in Jamrock, Seani B stopped by Nightly Fix where he discussed the current state of reggae/dancehall in Jamaica and overseas. One particular statement caught the attention of everyone and while some may disagree with his assessment, no one can deny that Aidonia is having an impressive run on the music scene right now.

“For me the biggest artist right now out of Jamaica, for me is Aidonia,” he said. “I’ve been plotting and watching Aidonia’s career.” Seani B added that Donia’s smash hit single “Yeah Yeah” was the biggest dancehall single last year and that we can all agree with.

“Yeah Yeah Yeah, you have a thing that you call club deejays in England like hip hop R&B and the rest of it that don’t generally play dancehall,” he added. “They were playing that [Yeah Yeah]. I’ve had girls, Indian girls, Asian girls at my station saying ‘Seani when are you gonna play that yeah yeah yeah song’ and it’s so simple, catchy, and I think Aidonia’s flow on it is like second level. It’s very advanced, it’s got everything that you needs.”

Seani B also addressed his controversial interview with Popcaan from last year where the Unruly Boss infamously said 99% of dancehall hates him and if Vybz Kartel hates him, he will still prevail. “With the Popcaan thing, he was just talking and then he kind of just went off on a rant about Kartel,” the disc jockey said. “He didn’t talk about Kartel in that manner and when he said 99%, it was the internet that talked about the Kartel thing. What he said was 99% of artists hate him, Alkaline has more or less said that to me, as many dancehall artists have said that to me.”



  1. Big up yoself Donia yo a legend

  2. Not even the biggest artist in JOP muchless Jamaica.