Konshens Explains Why He Is Done Making Positive Music

Konshens says he is hanging up the mic where positive songs are concerned.

Some fans will think that the dancehall deejay is being dramatic but if you listen to his explanation you will see his side of the story. I think artists should be versatile and do different types of music, but often times its the positive songs from some artists that they put the most efforts in and then often get overlooked by their fans. Konshens sound off this week about two of his recent positive songs that are struggling to get views on YouTube, while his explicit party anthems racked up millions of views.

“So as of now ill only write songs for the mind and heart for other artistes to sing. Konshens will only sing sexually charged songs or party songs zeen,” Konshens wrote on Instagram. “This always cut me so deep, not being miserable but it f**k up when me a try share brain food and it gets overlooked but as soon as I sing a gal song it moves. Then u soon hear the old fans complaining seh konshens nah give dem no song fi medz. Think this is the only thing about music that stresses me now. Not being ungrateful I love that my fans love what I do for girls but it jus feel a likkle way. Both songs out 2 weeks and one is an OFFICIAL video. Look a the difference. Maybe if I give these songs to other more clean cut artistes the message will be delivered. Me aggo try dat.”

Konshens says he is still writing positive music but will be giving them to other artists to record. He assured fans that he is not changing up his image, but more taking a stand. He also expressed the need for artists to exercise their creative freedom, but admitted that it’s disheartening when artists switch it up and do positive songs they often get overlooked.