Joe Budden Says His Son Disses Him On A Track Then…

Joe Budden son wrote a diss track about him and told him before even releasing it.

Seems Joe Budden has beef with even his oldest son Trey Budden. The Slaughterhouse rapper confirmed on Twitter that his son disses him in a new track that we haven’t heard yet. At least the younger Budden has the decency to inform his old man before the streets heard it first. Still, the rap veteran is not the least upset with his boy, or he hasn’t shown it publicly.

“My oldest son called to tell me he dissed me in a song & he wanted me to hear it from him before the streets told me….. that’s my baby!!! Lol,” Joey wrote. Perhaps his son is a fan of Lil Yachty and didn’t like how he treated the his idol, or perhaps the youngster didn’t get any Christmas gifts and thought he might just aired out his paps.

Joe Budden is getting a dose of his own medicine and it’s close to home. During a recent interview with Billboard, Araabmuzik spoke about Joe Budden dissing Drake, saying it seems like it was being planned for centuries. “[Joe Budden] was on a thousand, he was not sleeping,” he said. “I don’t know if he took seventeen Adderall. [Joe Budden] was on something that was not from here. I don’t know what planet it was shipped from, he must’ve ordered that pill in 2000 for it to come now. [Joe Budden] was wilding out and going in. [Joe Budden] must’ve had this planned for centuries.”

Drake didn’t immediately respond to the diss tracks so the beef never really resulted in a full-blown “Back To Back” style battle. Drizzy offload some things off his chest on French Montana’s “No Shopping” and again on his More Life album. Would’ve been interesting if these two had gone at it.