King Combs & Chris Brown – “Love You Better” Lyrics

(Chorus: Chris Brown)
Tell me how to make things right
‘Cause I just need you in my life
Girl, I love you better than yourself
Better than you love yourself
I just need your lovin’ baby

(Verse 1: King Combs & Chris Brown)
Who gon’ love you like I do, that’s word (oh)
All the times you confused, my words you don’t listen (oh)
You could’ve had Christian and Christian Dior (yeah)
Now you just miss and I’m missin’ you more (oh)
But you knew that I’m the cool cab with the roof back (yeah)
Know I need you by my side, can’t lose that (oh)
But you still wanna test the waters
Like I never showed you jets and boarders on the coast of Florida (yeah)
So why you wanna act like that girl (woo)
Like the ni**a never had your back
His or hers to match
What’s wrong, girl why not pick up the phone
Saying you’re not home, ni**a leave me alone
But f**k it then, that’s my word I’ll never love again
Same time wanting you back, I’m a s*cker then (oh baby)
Coulda gave you my last name, you want some other sh*t
All ’cause your thought I was laid up with some other chick

(Chorus: Chris Brown)
Ooh, baby, tell me, baby, tell me
Tell me how to make things right, How to make things right
‘Cause I just need you in my life, I just need, I just need
Girl, I love you better than yourself, I just need, I just need
Better than you love yourself, oh, better
I just need your lovin’ baby, lovin’ baby

(Verse 2: Chris Brown)
Girl I know you want me
Stop playing this game with me
Girl it’s about that time
For you and I to get this right
Now lay your head, on my bed
Then pushing your face in the pillow, oh
You remind me of my Jeep
So hop on it and just ride in with me

(Verse 3: King combs & Chris Brown)
Had me thinking everything was alright
At the time, I was booking your flights
Come and chill for a night
‘Cause when we together we be wildin’
Out of star island
On a yacht, playin’ our favorite album
And I know you still think about it
When the people doubted
I was the one that you stuck around with
Getting faded, baby, come my way
Love my songs, everyone I play
It’s on my mind all day
Late nights when I pull the pain
I messed up but I feel the same
Tell me who’s to blame?
You just left like your Uber came
And you stressed, yeah my mood just changed
I’m in the coupes and things
And you the only one that catch my eye
Matched my fly, chicks wave when I pass them by
But they don’t catch my vibe like you do
My love is true fool without you girl to be crucial (yeah, yeah)