Bounty Killer Chided The Government Over Crime

Bounty Killer is cross angry and miserable over the Jamaican government crime-fighting efforts.

Bounty is in the news a lot this week after donating 63 beds to the Victoria Jubilee and Kingston Public hospitals in Kingston earlier this week. During a sit down with the media, the dancehall legend opened up about a number of topics from his charitable ambitions to his lack of U.S. visa. Bounty Killer also spoke out about the growing concerns of crime in Jamaica while casting most of the blame squarely at the feet of the government.

“Why wait until it reach the state like it is in MoBay before a state of emergency is called?” Killer questioned. “Is like the Government sidung and wait pon di crime fi build up before dem fight it. They don’t try to eliminate crime, they try to cure it. Send in the solidiers dem to attend to the killers, but what about the good youth out there? What about those who really want a job and don’t want to fall into criminality and along the wayside? What kind of initiatives are they putting in place for them?”

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There were 156 reported murders in Jamaica in the first month of the new year, most of which were committed in St. James, prompting the government to issue a state of emergency to help combat the bloodshed. Last year, St. James alone saw 335 murders leaving citizens in the Montego Bay area living in fear.

Still, Bounty Killer want the government to do much more than just issued a state of emergency. He wants them to provide an alternative to crime for young youths in the inner city communities. He also thinks that the government should’ve acted earlier before crime got out of control. Nevertheless, it’s never too late to do something.