Kodak Black -“1800 Knights” Lyrics

This sh*t crazy, dog
My young bull was just with me last night
I shifted, dog, he got caught up
And the vehicle he was in had all my raps that I wrote when I was locked up a couple bids, you know?
1800 nights

(Verse 1)
I was just thinking bout family
Thinkin pop hanely and them
Don’t say you love me
You don’t mean that s**t
And I’m thuggin hard because
I mean this s**t.
I was just thinking bout my family
They be feeling like lately I abandoned them
Why the f**k I walk around with a glock for?
n*gg* livin dirty so
I gotta keep the mop on me
I got a street swiper but
I still keep the mop tho.
Put everything I got on it
I ain’t see my brother in a week
I put too much time in the streets
Mama started cryin bout me..
Mama started cryin bout me..
Mama don’t worry bout me
All you gotta do is love king
I hope you y’all see what I be thinking bout
I’m smillin, I just smile to cope now
But I’m wildin, I swear to God I’m tryin
I’m tryin to slow down,
My people tell me to slow down.
I feel in love with the 4 pound
You’ll think I’m with the .. pound
Shout out to ATL
Where I’m from we don’t say 12
We say troll down
The raiders out there just road round
I’m my n*gg*s gettin rico’ed
I’m my n*gg*s gettin rico’ed
He ain’t tellin cause he G code
Promise he ain’t tellin cause he G code
He ain’t gon’ tell, he a fiend though
If you rhyming
I promise if you rhymin’ it ain’t easy though
He a zombie, he Zoe
A zombie on earth, I’ma Zoe
I brought hell on earth for these hoes
You my heaven on earth, you my hoe, baby
You my old lady
All them hoes hatin’
Well f*ck what them hoes say
We rockin’ Gucci with Dolce
Love my ol’ girl, love my old lady
I’m freestylin’ don’t mind me
I don’t know what I’m thinkin’
But I don’t pop molly
I’m freestylin’ don’t mind me
I don’t know what I’m sayin’
My chauffeur don’t like speedin’
I like the Tesla better when it drive me
I can sit back on IG
I ain’t gotta look up when the light green
I’m on the i- on autopilot, my b*tch ridin’ me
Cruise control
I thank the lord I ain’t lose my soul
1800 nights I done sacrificed
Triple cross like Jesus Christ

(Verse 2)
You ain’t understand me I’ma tell you twice
I’m ugly corner, even when I die
I’m wonderin’ if you love me like I
I’m wonderin’ if you thuggin’ like how I be
Head first, is he runnin’ right behind me?
Nah, f*ck that, you better be runnin’ right beside me
It’s like everything that I touch, it just be fallin’ apart
I can’t leave my past behind me
I wanna know what’s goin’ on in the projects
I wanna slide and go see what it look like
Remember Pop hit a lick on a four wheeler
E Murder, almost lost his life on a dirt bike
I seen a cracker to my left so I turned right
I lost my re-up when tryna shoot dice
My n*gg*s leavin’ n*gg*s stank for some hood rank
You ain’t got no street cred, ain’t got no Woo stripes
Thinkin’ ’bout my n*gg*s and my family
They the only ones that understand me
Partner cut the fishtail on his banshee
The Devil sent me a blessing
My dreads like devil horns, they don’t know that I be on my damn knees
Forgive me lord, forgive me lord that I fell for it
Forgive me lord that I fell short
I’m dressin’, playin’ in the airport
Bust a n*gg* brain if you care for it
Young n*gg* what would you do for it
Her boyfriend smokin’ Newports
Just put my baby momma in a new foreign
‘Bout to write a book, no Dr. Seuss, boy
I got stories like a news reporter
Like a book, put my momma in two stories
I’m postin’ in the hood ’cause the school borin’
I’m smokin’ Cherry Pie, I don’t smoke Spice
I would never tell you about my old life
Sniper biker
Pop a wheelie on the Raptor
I got snakes in my closet, I’m a rattler
And I keep body bags for a rapper
Hidin’ from my past, got me runnin’ from a cracker
Lil’ Kodak they just wanna see you captured
I’m snappin’ and I’m flashin’ like a camera
You don’t know the meaning behind it
You don’t know the reason I’m like this
Sincerely me
I’m feelin’ this beat
To all my n*gg*s in prison, if you listenin’ right now, I miss you