Chronixx Defends Damian Marley Against Grammy Backlash

Chronixx want his fans to put some respect on Damian Marley’s name.

The Chronology singer’s legion of fans has been going in on Marley since winning the Best Reggae Album Grammy on Sunday night. While Damian Marley received overwhelming support in the reggae/dancehall community, a large portion of Chronixx fan base believes he was robbed of the trophy and Jr. Gong only won because of the Marley name. Myself, as well as, a host of other reggae pundits disagree with that assessment. Stony Hill is a masterpiece and so is Chronology but the better album won.

In the midst of the heavy backlash on his Instagram page, Chronixx pushed back against some of his own fans when he posted a video from a Damian Marley performance at the Woodstock Festival in Poland last year. “Watch what you say about the GONG! We couldn’t have a Chronixx without a Damian Marley,” Chronixx wrote.

A rep for the Grammy-nominated singer told Urban Islandz on Wednesday that he grew agitated while reading the comments made against Gong. We’re also told that he has since privately reached out to Damian Marley and congratulated him on his win.

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“Chronixx has contacted Gong and congratulated him on his Grammy win, we all know that he deserves to win because like us, he put out a great album,” a PR rep for Chronixx told us. “There would be no Chronixx with Damian Marley and he has always been a big fan and always wanted to work with Gong so this is just some fans expressing their feelings and some of them took it a bit too far. There is no bad blood between them and love lost this is pure rasta love, peace and unity.”

Chronixx also addressed his eyebrow-raising comments about the Grammys made on social media on Sunday when he chided the Recording Academy for not televising the reggae category. “I think reggae music is big enough to be televised live so this is just opening up the dialog to see we can achieve that in the near future,” he said.

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Damian the great!

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