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Chronixx Blast Grammys After Losing Out To Damian Marley

Chronixx is angry with the Grammys after losing out the Best Reggae Album trophy to Damian Marley.

Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley won his third Grammy award last night at the 60th annual Grammy Awards ceremony in New York City. Chronixx, as well as, four others were nominated in the Best Reggae Album category and not only did the Chronology singer not congratulate Marley for the win, he also chided the Grammys in a message posted on Instagram.

“When mi fren dem realize seh the @recordingacademy doesn’t televise the reggae category for the Grammys, they did say the revolution will not be televised,” the singer wrote. He has since deleted the post after it went viral. Some fans also see this as a grudge against Damian Marley winning the award while others support his assessment.

“Chronixx I agree with your statement about the Grammys not televising the reggae category but this seems like your a grudge against Damian,” one fan wrote. “Yes there are some biases when it comes to the Marley brand but that doesn’t mean you can’t congratulate your comrade. Even though he has the Marley name his album was actually better than yours in my opinion. Don’t let your grouses against the Grammys let you start feuding with your musical brother rastaman.”

Here is another comment from another fan.

The Recording Academy has never televised the Best Reggae Album category mainly because the category is not big enough. To be fair to them, there are several other categories that are bigger than the reggae category that are not televised. This has been a big issue for reggae fans for a long time and the awards ceremony has not moved to address it. So don’t expect to see your favorite artists in this cat accepting their award.

Do you think Chronixx should have won the Best Reggae Album Grammy. Leave your comments below.


  1. Yes he should’ve won he deserved this one, his album is excellent…well Chronixx did proclaim it Marley’s living off hype…

  2. Some one tell Chronixx the damage is already done . They need to revoke your US visa after your comment about Obama .

  3. Bs article, sickly twisted to create feud when their is none. You disgust me

  4. This headline starts an unnecessary war between allies in the reggae community. What kind of media outlet are you, trying to pin artists against each other? Chronixx said nothing about Damian in his quote. This article is bogus.

    • I agree, and Luke parasites ppl just sick on to it. Who is the real complainer

    • But still Chronixx didn’t even congratulate Damian Marley yet he is complaining about the Grammys .. speaks volumes in my opinion. Jamaica people too badmind

  5. I don’t see any comment by Chronixx regarding bad feelings about who won. The comment shown written by Chronixx merely states his opinion about reggae winners not being televised ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” is a well known song made famous by Gil Scott Heron and refers to the fact that activism does not get a fair share of media attention. I don’t know who created the divisive title to the article but that is close to sensationalized media without providing content to support it. I am not falling for it. Chronixx manager immediately sent out congratulations to Damian and admonished those speaking against it. Don’t fall for sensationalized article titles that demonstrate no justification. For those not familiar, please read article in the Entertsinment section of todays Jamaican Observer about how the Grammys are chosen.

  6. It’s coarse to be ungracious — Marley did not select himself — so being angry with him makes no sense. Chronixx SHOULD have congratulated his fellow musician — decency dictates that.

  7. Chronixx sound like a yute who just like fi complain. Just continue put out good music rasta the Grammys is not ours so them can give whoever them want. JAY-Z get 8 nominations and never win none.

  8. Chronixx, i dont want you to be a cry baby. your works are great and even without winning the grammy your are well respected for the positive music you have been recording. our love and respect for you will not change. everything will unfold in the fullness of time. Embrace your rasta brother and dont bring the faith in disrepute.
    rasta nuh mixup inna bangarang. nuff love to you and the gong.

    • Chronix not a real Rasta. A real Rasta would know the white Jesus did not exist.

      • you’ll are the real problems. Chronixx said nothing bad. and his words doesn’t suggest any grudge. don’t let the media fool you

  9. The best album won. Period

  10. Chronixx’s album has a newer fresher sound than Jr. Gong. People are saying the Marley name has nothing to do with the choice. Did they listen to Ziggy’s album last year? Now, that was an album that should have never won.

  11. Yow chronixx more dan deserve to win the grammy…but what people doesn’t realised it’s gonna be rough for him to win in that category because the Grammy awards is all about the marleys they have alot to do whit that event…

  12. Of course. Chronixx should have won that prize. I think the Marleys have won many times already and the talent of other reggae artists should be recognized as well. Also, the Chronixx album is really good. But I see that the Grammys are not very serious and less and less … Seeing other artists, videos, etc. that have won … I will not say names … But I can not believe that there are not better video clips than those that show girls with little clothes and fights. Are these actions the ones that receive a prize? So bad education for young people!!

  13. Damian Marley album was good no one can deny that and Chronixx album was good too. But why is he sitting down complaining when he should be busy recording his next album to come better next time.