Cardi B Blast Fan Who Criticize Offset Claiming She Deserves Better

Cardi B has jump to Offset defense yet again amidst growing backlash from some fans.

The Migos rapper has been feeling the heat from fans today over a homophobic lyrics in his new single with YFN Lucci, “Boss Life.” One fan took it one step further to tell Cardi B that she deserves better and that proves to be a big mistake. We all know that Bardi is quick to clap back at fans on social media and this is no different except that she didn’t upload a video rant about it, just a simple response on Twitter.

“Cardi, you deserves someone better than Offset (I will always love you and respect your choices),” the fan wrote. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper quickly responded saying, “Don’t tell [me] about who I deserve with him or not you don’t know how he matured me. before I met him I ain’t had a lawyer, business management and I was insecure about my music he gave me confidence and help me get my business situated.”

She has since deleted that tweet, but not before folks got a screenshot of it. She also posted another tweet defending her response after some fans still wasn’t satisfied. “People are just too miserable for me I’m sorry I’m to blessed to be dealing with ya sh*t today. The negativity is not going to tarnish my feelings from these blessings and opportunities I’m getting. Have a good day.”