Ding Dong and Bravo Drop “Dweet (Genna Bounce)” Video

Ding Dong and Bravo continues to get us moving with his new dance video “Dweet (Genna Bounce).”

Towards the end of the video, he injected his single “Flairy” a song that sparked some controversy last year when he took a shot at Busy Signal. The cut for “Dweet” was directed by RD Studios and starts out with a security guard patrolling an empty parking lot before sitting in a chair and falling asleep. The cut features several members of the Ravers Clavers crew doing the Genna Bounce dance.

“If yo waan look some gal, dweet, if yo waan leave wid yo friend, dweet, if yo waan smoke some trees, dweet, Mi no care who a frowns or a kiss them teeth, if yo waan buy out the bar, dweet, say yo ago mash up the club, dweet,” Ding Dong deejay. The Ravers Clavers leader is currently one of the hottest dancehall artists on the scene after scoring one of the most popular songs locally last year with, “Shoulda Fi A Fling.” Even the Jamaican Prime Minister got in on the action by doing the popular dance move.

Ding Dong says he has a lot in store for his fans this year. Watch the video for “Dweet (Genna Bounce)” below.