Nicki Minaj and Nas Break Up Denies Pregnancy Rumors

Nicki Minaj and Nas have reportedly broken up and she is denying being pregnant.

Multiple publications reported on her alleged pregnancy yesterday claiming that she is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Nas. Nicki Minaj and the rap legend have been dating for a few months now, but they are not starting out the new year together. TMZ first reported about their break up on Thursday and now sources close to the Trinidadian rapper has confirmed with Urban Islandz that they are not together.

We’re told that their relationship was never really serious to begin with so they mutually decided to end their relationship just before the holidays. “No they aren’t together and was never really seriously together, to begin with, the media just overblown things as usual,” sources said. They both live in different cities on the opposite side of the country and that also played a role in their relationship demise. “Living on different coasts hundreds of miles apart made it impossible to sustain a relationship and they are both very busy individuals,” sources added.

The talks about her pregnancy are bogus and our source assured us that Nicki Minaj is not pregnant, not for Nas and not for anyone. This is not the first time that gossip sites like MTO have reported that Minaj is pregnant and then it turns out that she is really not pregnant, so until she makes an announcement or we see a baby bump then take those reports with half a grain of salt.

Nicki Minaj and Nas started dated around May of last year. They were first spotted together in public on a dinner date at the rap icon’s chicken and waffle joint in New York, Sweet Chick. She also regularly gushes over him on her Instagram account like posting this photo of him back in November.

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The pair were again spotted together at Nas and Swizz Beatz birthday party in September last year. We’re told that Nicki and Alicia Keys organized the event in New York.