Joe Budden Abruptly Leaves “Everyday Struggle” To Start Own Show

Joe Budden has abruptly departed from Complex’s Everyday Struggle while hinting he will start his own show.

Details surrounding his sudden exit from the morning show are not forthcoming, but both the Slaughterhouse rapper and Complex have confirmed his departure. One thing is for certain and that is Budden’s departure has nothing to do with paternity leave since his wife just gave birth to a baby boy. He hinted on Twitter on Tuesday that money may have been a deciding factor in him tendering his resignation.

“Joe Budden is not continuing as a host on Everyday Struggle in 2018,” Complex said in a statement to Billboard. “The show will be back in the New Year with all new episodes and guests. We wish Joe all the best and thank him for a great 2017.”

Budden didn’t have the same enthusiasm for his former employer and had this to say on Twitter, “I created that show… I’ll create another if need be… & another & another….. it’s when u CANT create that you move WITHOUT integrity.” He was responded to a fan who asked him not to leave the show. “But on the real… Please don’t leave Every Day Struggle, we miss you. And also find time to rap more. Solo and House gang. And be a new father. We’re so trash,” the fan wrote.

“They didn’t give me a proper goodbye either. INJUSTICE,” Budden added on Twitter. There is no doubt that co-hosts DJ Akademiks and Nadeska added a lot to the success of Everyday Struggle this year, but it was Joe Budden whose enigmatic personality who catapult the show to great success among a mostly urban audience. What’s even more interesting is that his departure comes just a few days after Quavo and his Migos gang drop the video for a diss track “Ice Tray.”