T.I. Insists He Creates Trap Music But Fans Think UGK Did

Did T.I. created trap music or was it created by UGK.

Earlier this year, the Atlanta rapper did an interview where he insisted that he is the original creator of trap music and even make reference to his 2003 album Trap Muzik. During a recent interview, T.I. says that nobody was doing trap music before he did. But now trap fans are pushing back saying he couldn’t be more wrong and insisting that UGK started the sub-genre back in the early 90s.

“Unless there was a time before then that you recall hearing it,” TIP said about his album. “Now since it was introduced to the world there were people who came on and enforced it and kind of spread the genre out and gave it wings and life beyond it’s origin. But if you go back to who truly started it, I must humbly say myself.”

While trap music has become more mainstream in recent years, T.I. taking credit for originating it is rubbing some fans the wrong way. The 70s and 80s babies would know that Bun B and Pimp C of UGK were doing some trap music freestyles in the south from as far back as 1992, you can go back and listen to their debut Too Hard to Swallow. In the mid-90s, 8Ball & MJG dropped an album, On the Outside Looking In, which comprises of some of the same trap flows we are hearing today.

Undoubtedly, T.I. put the rubber stamp on trap music in the early 2000s and then some southern rappers came in later and pushed it more into the mainstream. But does UGK and 8Ball & MJG deserves some credit for originating the sub genre. “You must born in 2000 if you think that T.I. created trap music. Pimp C and Bun B were spitting trap down in Texas from way back in the 90s. take a L for this one TIP,” one fan wrote while another added, “Big Boi was doing trap before T.I. back in the Oukast days, so naan I can’t believe T want to take credit for that.”

Absolutely, there are fans on both sides of the divide and some are very vocal in support of TIPS claim that he created trap music. “T.I is the Jay Z of trap music. Joe is right Jeezy has been going in a musical direction causing him be stagnant as an artist while the fans wait for a triumphant return that may never happen,” one fan tweeted.


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