Shaggy Launched New Clothing Line ‘Rae Town Apparel’

Shaggy is now venturing into the fashion business with his new clothing line “Rae Town Apparel.”

Shaggy, who is widely regarded, as one of the greatest dancehall artists of all time and certainly the richest, has launched a new clothing line while paying homage to his Jamaican roots. The new line will feature T-Shirts, hoodies and tank tops, as well as, accessories like stickers and enamel pins. Shaggy grew up in Rae Town despite being born in Kingston.

“I was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica … and if anybody knows about dancehall music and the cultural music of Jamaica, Rae Town is where the sound system culture came from,” Shaggy said. “Rae Town was a place that was very popular and everybody would come down to Rae Town for these notorious street dances. Me being in dancehall music and being so successful at bringing it to the mainstream, I found it only fitting to name our apparel company Rae Town.”

You can buy items from the new clothing line at


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