Boosie Badazz Brother Dodges Jail Time For Stealing Money From Rapper

Boosie Badazz brother avoids jail time for allegedly stealing $300,000 from the rapper.

A couple months ago, the Baton Rouge rapper posted a video on social media venting about his family member who stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from him. Turns out he went ahead and filed charges against his brother, Taquari Hatch, for allegedly siphoning $361,000 from his account. TMZ reported that the district attorney has decided not to file charges despite cops busting him for stealing the money.

Taquari Hatch was arrested and charged with fraud and identity theft after he allegedly posed as Boosie and authorized several wire transfers. Boosie brother has maintained his innocence and now the D.A. is siding with him and not file any charges due to sufficient evidence.

Taquari posted a video responding to the allegations saying that he has his piece of mind because he is innocent. “So the last thing is like, we see how social media trials played out all the time,” he said. “But trolling, all trolls that don’t bother me all of that sh*t I see it all the time. There is no piece of mind like knowing that you’re innocent. You can’t buy that, can’t nobody hook you up with that, your influence can’t get that. Knowing that you’re innocent is piece of mind that is priceless, and that is what I got in this situation.”

He also added that he will need a little more time to fully clear his name.