Vybz Kartel Fans Troll DJ Frass For Saying Alkaline Is A Hit Factory

Vybz Kartel fans are trolling DJ Frass over a statement he made on Instagram calling Alkaline a hit factory.

Vendetta fans will agree with Frass statement since Alkaline has been having a great run in dancehall over the past few years. But Alka’s rivalry with Vybz Kartel has also earned him a lot of enemies in the genre since Gazanation fans makes up a sizeable portion of the dancehall fan base and now Frass is getting a lot of criticism from them.

“DJ Frass yo no see it say yo a waan big idiot this man is a fish factory, while Kartel is the hit factory, #Gazanation run dancehall,” one fan wrote. There are plenty more similar comments about the statement on social media. Some Vendetta fans are pushing back calling Kartel fans a bunch of haters. “Gaza fans them always on Detta page a comment just a bunch of haters, if you don’t like the man why you on his page trolling,” one fan wrote.

Alkaline vs Vybz Kartel, who do you think is the bigger hit factory?