Tyga Gets Roasted For Channeling Usher, Preps Singing Album

Tyga is getting roasted on Twitter for channeling Usher‘s classic “Nice and Slow” and he even went to step further to announce that a singing album is coming.

Rappers want to turn singer, but some of them should stay in their lane, that is how some fans are describing the experience of seeing Tyga channeling his inner R&B voice. Black Twitter became vicious after the rapper posted the black-and-white video of himself singing. Some folks even post a mash-up video and created some hilarious memes.

Tyga took to his Twitter page yesterday to announce that he is dropping a singing album, so it seems like he is either just trolling us or taking this whole singing thing very serious. “Y’all think I’m playing that singing album coming soon, he tweeted. You can see some of the reactions on Twitter below. While some are hilarious, some of them are quite vicious.

“Lmfao..Tyga is releasing a singing album and some just told him he’s gonna go tripple aluminum with it,” one fan tweeted, while another fan added, “Y’all I was having such a bad day & then I watched a video of Tyga singing and I feel so much better. I laughed for a whole 5 minutes.”

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