Demarco Describes Working With Akon On New Single

Demarco not only signed with Akon, but he is also now a collaborator with the hip hop mogul.

The dancehall deejay/producer recently signed a record deal with Akon’s KonLive label and then the pair collaborated on the new single “No Wahala” which has been doing very well. The video for the track racked up half a million views on YouTube without any promotion. Demarco manager, Karl Palmer, says they are pushing the single organically first before any major promo push.

“We have not started promotions and the song is close to half a million views on in just a week. We are trying to work the record organically because we don’t want to force it on the people,” Palmer said. “We want them to feel the song naturally and objectively. He also describes the recording producer and how the single came about saying, “The fact that we used an afrobeat was also a factor. So he wrote his verse and sang the hook, then Demarco called it Run Town and the rest is history.”

Demarco is now mostly based in Atlanta where Akon’s label is base, but his manager says that he is trying to strike a balance in the local dancehall market and pushing his career internationally.

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