Ishawna Reacts To Getting Watered Off Stage While Performing “Equal Rights”

Ishawna has shared her reaction to getting watered off stage while performing her controversial single “Equal Rights” at last weekend’s Wet & Wild at Dream Weekend.

The dancehall diva came out on stage in a raunchy outfit showing off her banging body. Her performance was going well until she started performing “Equal Rights.” Some of the males in the audience weren’t too pleased about the performance of the single and that’s when water came raining down on Ishawna taking out her microphone.

Tony Matterhorn pleaded with the audience to not get too unruly and shut down the event, but when Ishawna returned to the stage her microphone wasn’t working after getting soaked. “You know say that’s how my thing set, always excitement,” Ishawna told Onstage TV. “Festivities on top of festivities… The show was fun, the women came out for me, so all the men that are upset.”