Ishawna Sits On A Fan Face Live On Stage

Ishawna is living out her equal rights fantasies on stage during her performances, just take a peek at the video clip below.

Ishawna’s career has been marred by controversy since the start of the year. In April, she released a raunchy single “Equal Rights.” While she got a lot of support from her female fans, she did get some backlash from some of her male fans and also from some local politicians who called for the single to be banned from the airwaves. That didn’t stop Ishawna from performing the single especially overseas.

Last weekend, the dancehall diva was performing the song in Hartford, CT, when she called a male fan on stage and sat in his face, much similar to the lyrics where she sings, “Bumper to your forehead / Show me wha’ your tongue can do / If you nuh have it inna waist, you better have it inna face.” Nevertheless, this fan seems to enjoy every bit of the performance, but let’s hope he is not a married man.

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#ishawna sits on a fan forehead on stage ?

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