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Meek Mill Says Nicki Minaj Breakup Is A Loss But Drake Beef Is A Win

Two of the main persons that came up when Meek Mill does any interview about his new album Wins & Losses are Nicki Minaj and Drake.

Back in 2015, Meek Mill famous started a beef with Drake on Twitter that spawned the now classic diss record “Back To Back” from Drake. An overwhelming amount of hip hop fans thinks that the Philly rapper took a big L in that beef. Fast forward to December 2016, Meek Mill had a bitter breakup with Nicki Minaj and again a lot of folks in hip hop thinks that he took another L, and now he is agreeing with that assessment, but not the Drake one.

Speaking with Power 99, Meek said that it was a win for him when he beefed with Drake. His argument is that the beef cause a lot of people to leave from around him and now he realized that those people needed to go, so he is happy that they were removed. “It’s always a win,” Meek said. “There was a lot of people around me before that. They thought it slowed down a little bit. I’m spending cake on these dudes left and right. We going 5-star everything. Foreign everything. The minute it looked like it slowed down, I was in the studio with 3-4 people. Had to hustle and get it back, so I needed to remove them. I won. It made me into a monster. They put my back against the wall…It helped me turn into the next level. I was too comfortable. I had Nicki.”

Regarding the Nicki Minaj breakup, Meek Mill says that was a loss because he loved her and has always wanted her his whole life. “Breaking up with anybody you love is a loss,” he added. Meek Mill also spoke about his recent feud with Miami rapper Trick Daddy who went on Instagram and pretty much bans the Philly rapper from going back to Miami, a place he called his city.