Kanye West Responds To Pablo Class Action Lawsuit

Kanye West has responded to a class action lawsuit over his last album The Life of Pablo and TIDAL.

When Ye released the album last year he famously told his fans on Twitter that they should subscribe to TIDAL because the project will only be available on the platform. Some 1.5 million new people signed up to listen to the project, but a few weeks later Pablo became available on other platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

The lawsuit claimed that Kanye West conned people to subscribe to Tidal but the rapper’s attorney says he did deliver on his promise because the version that is now available outside of Tidal is much different from the original version of the piece of art made available on the artist owned music streaming service. The suit also claimed that Kanye broke his promise when he said that the album would never be available on Apple Music.

In his legal docs, Kanye West says that the album Pablo is a “living breathing changing creative expression,” per TMZ. Kanye now want the lawsuit to be dismissed.