Jah Vinci Praise Vybz Kartel Thinks Popcaan Is Ungrateful

Jah Vinci is praising Vybz Kartel amidst the Gaza fallout with Popcaan who he thinks is ungrateful.

Popcaan has been getting a lot of backlash from the Gaza ever since Shawn Storm released that diss record “No Frauds.” Now former Gaza member Jah Vinci has added his voice to the mix by not only praising Vybz Kartel but also reminding Popcaan why he should not be ungrateful. The dancehall singjay posted a video clip of himself performing overseas and let his feelings known in the caption.

“Every weh mi guh mi big up the world boss @vybzkartel why?” Jah Vinci wrote. “Neva ungreatful to the G or forget where I’m coming from!…. I remember walkIng the studio the first time when him not even meet me yet and said let in mi singa (ohh) then him (vybz kartel) said “wah gwan big singa” mi seh mi deh yah G!…. him seh mek mi hear a tune, there an then he said “before the week dun the world aguh remember yu name” then he said “don’t worry JAH JAH the WORLD is yours” SO BIG UP THE GENERAL FI DANCEHALL ADDI THE TEACHA!!! OUT A ROAD WI SEH.”

Popcaan recently revealed that Vybz Kartel along with 99% of dancehall hates him. He then justified his assessment by saying that the incarcerated deejay controls as much as 50% of the dancehall fan base.