Teflon – Yuh Tight Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Shi touch mi paw mi ants and she mi truly bless
Shi tell mi seh shi love mi unruliness
White live, coolieness
I run in a you blood and you a prove it yes
Mi hand remove the dress
Nuh tell mi foolishness
You body groovy yes and move mi yes like UPS
Weh you send truly text, me you fi sex
Shi a cry bout her body and mi nuh bruise it yet

You tight, you tight, you tight, you tight
Good hole, good hole a mad mi gyal

You tight, you tight, you tight, you tight
Good hole a mad mi gyal

You whine, you whine you waist
You know, you know you have me yeah
You whine, you whine, you waist, you waist
You know you have mi yeah

(Verse 2)
Mi never si seh that you did ??
Oh, watch yah shi come video gone
Show mi wa a fi mi cause a nuh fi you gyal
Mi cyaa find hi then a funeral
Mana general, member how mi win you gyal
With this good, good, loving weh mi give you gyal
Bite up you lip dem how you feel now gyal?
Mi cyaa wait fi get da pu**y deh weh a fi you gyal

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Even when you far mi feel like you near
Like how you show mi seh you busy, seh you care
Like when you vex when time mi disappear
Like when mi shift up da supn wid the gear
Like when mi push you down in a the chair
Like when you back it up like you nuh care
The 22″ this it a nuh spear

(Repeat Chorus 2X)