Royce da 5’9” – Layers (The Bar Exam 4) Lyrics

Sometimes I be wanting to say f**k the world, I don’t give a f**k
Shoot it out with all you bi**hes
Bi**hes don’t love me
Young black ni**a, ni**a fighting a war ni**a
Everywhere you go bi**hes throwing rocks ni**a
Man a ni**a in a Lamborghini

(Verse 1)
When I pick up a mic I feel like Lorenzo and Ice
Eazy-E, Dre, and Yella guess I’ll be a ni**a for life
2Pac’s soul hovers right over my board while I record
Patron enters my blood then it comes right out my pores
Some of these rappers spazz, some of them choose to serenade
Some of them need their swag
Some gon breathe their last air today
Some believe that hip-hop police is working with these
Various media outlets even Vlad had to interrogate
I remember back when I was blacking out without beats
Hoping for better days to focus how I’m gon meditate
Seem like everywhere I go somebody approaches me going
Cole is platinum without features, well so is Kevin Gates
Acting like you can’t be a fan of both, your standards low
My flow luxurious like chinchilla mats on the Phantom floor
I vow to kill the style that you love and write it to keep me poise
Come at me fly, turn your album cover to the Beastie Boys

(Interlude 1)
I was telling my brother how you rappers are the new leaders
You’re the real leaders of the people
The rapper doesn’t think he’s a leader, but he’s got followers all over the world
The biggest preachers don’t have as many followers as one rapper

(Verse 2)
I represent war, pain, destroyed fame, contort cane
Chess playing rather than board games
Savages saddling up, grabbing the horse range
Dragging emcees traveling eating like
The congregation asking me how I be preaching so accurately
I answer it’s actually easy, I’m ordained
The name is Luther Campbell, you can call me Luke though
Standing for what I’m saying like Farrakhan on Donald Hughes show
Now they trying to find a loop hole
The silence my words, the knowledge I speak
Is a reflection of the violence I see
Now the perception’s your daughters and nephews idolize me
Now the objective is call me highly aggressive instead of just successful
Cause my rhetoric highly suggestive
Probably connecting cause it’s honest, refreshing
Only way I’m trying express it
At night
Grabbing his gun and s**t like a young Malcolm
That’ll get me capital punishment like the Pun album

(Interlude 2)
So is the question now how can we get you to rap where intelligence is coming through the lyrics with a beat that begins to open the minds of people
Our people want better
And they’ll do better if they’re shown better