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Tommy Lee Sparta Suing Jamaican Government For $20 Million

Tommy Lee Sparta is suing the Jamaican government for a whopping $20 million for violating his constitutional rights.

If the Spartan deejay moves ahead with the lawsuit, his attorney Ernest Smith, says he is very confident that he would win the case and the Jamaican taxpayers would be left to foot the bill. For the last few years, Tommy Lee has argued that he has not been able to perform at major shows locally because police refused to grant permits citing his criminal record.

“You cannot restrain a man from getting employment unless he is prohibited from doing so by incarceration,” Smith said. “Tommy Lee has been prevented on several occasions by certain police officers from engaging in his profession of entertainment. He has had to be pulled from several shows because police officers have threatened the organizers and the promoters to cancel their licenses if Tommy Lee is on the show.”

One of the shows that the deejay has been unable to perform on for the last few years is the annual show Reggae Sumfest in his hometown Montego Bay. Cops labeled Tommy Lee as a violent entertainer who was is facing charges related to lottery scamming. In 2015, the dancehall deejay was also banned from traveling overseas, but on three occasions a judge gave him the okay to go on tour overseas. Tommy Lee’s attorney says that it’s unfair that his client can perform overseas but cannot make an honest living in his own country.

“He has been abroad and performed, but he has been prevented from performing and earning in his own land because of police brutality,” Smith added. Cops have also named Tommy Lee Sparta as a person of interest in several murder investigations, but he was never charged for any of the crimes. Tommy Lee has a court case regarding his lottery scam charge in the Home Circuit Court in July.