Juicy J – A Man (Remix) Lyrics

(Verse – Juicy J)
I’m untouchable ni**a and Im never gon leave
None of my ni**as behind, I’ma bring em with me
Draco sitting in the book bag
None of my ni**as gotta c**k crack
All my ni**as litty and my bi**h something to look at
Ni**as hating too much
I come through I’m too clutch
A man, a man, a man all this blessings all this new love
Ni**a that bounces back, they can’t handle that
I got my own shooter ain’t no coming back from that
I could never fold, why would I surrender?
I got options ni**a, you just a imposter ni**a
You should pay attention, look at how I’m living
I can go spend seven figures and I wouldn’t miss it
I’m just s**ker free
She just love the D
She know I’m that ni**a
That’s all she know bout me
She know I keep the heater, right there on the seat
You should listen to her when she say don’t f**k with me
A man

(Outro – Travis Scott)
People tryna say I’m only into me
Got a code with my dawgs, can’t get in between
I can’t give them life, no more energy
Man, man, a man
Spent bout sixty on the time, I can’t even lie
No way in, no way out, this s**t do or die
So I roll, when I roll, must be suicide
A man, man, man yeah!