Are Jay Z & Beyonce Dropping A New Album? TIDAL 4:44 Ads Sparks Rumors

Jay Z and Beyonce could be getting ready to drop a joint album. The rumors are fueled by a new ad that is being pushed by TIDAL called “4:44.”

The ads first popped up around midnight last night and is spreading around the net like wildfire ever since. The “4:44” ad also pops up in New York City today. We did some digging and found out that TIDAL music streaming service is behind the ads. Sources are saying that it could be the first step of promoting a new Jay Z project.

So far nobody really knows what “4:44” means or what Jay Z is really trying to stir, so the good folks on Twitter are already digging. Sounds like another “covfefe” moment, but the difference here is that you can bet Jay Z will deliver or announced something soon. The number four means a lot to Jay Z and Beyonce. Hov birthday is December 4 and Beyonce’s birthday is September 4. Beyonce even released an album titled 4 back in 2011 and the couple also have matching “IV” tattoos. Some fans are even saying that it could be a joint album between Jay Z and Beyonce that has been rumored to be in the works since last year.

The last time that we got an album from Jay is in July 2013 when he released his platinum-selling LP Magna Carta…Holy Grail. Whatever project he is working on will likely be released exclusively on TIDAL. Beyonce is also closed to giving birth to the couple’s twins, but it would be highly unlikely that they would be promoting that day she is expected to give birth. So for now everyone is locked in on an expected album, even without further confirmation. Do you think that Jay Z is dropping a new album? Sound off in the comments below.