Rick Ross Reportedly Dating This Twitter Exec

Rick Ross is reportedly dating Twitter executive Liz Hagelthorn. Rumors of their romance have been circulating for a few weeks now despite neither of them confirming anything.

The Biggest Bawse has been on a role with the ladies since breaking up with Instagram model Lira Galore. But these days he hardly ever claim any of his broads and this one seems no different. Even if he isn’t claiming anyone, there are no shortage of Instagram and Twitter photos that seems to back up all the rumors. Rozay has never posted a photo of Hagelthorn, but I can’t say the same for her since she has been posting a ton of photos with the MMG boss.

Sources say Rick Ross and Liz Hagelthorn met back in January when she interviewed him. Since then they have been a hot item but has been keeping their relationship under wraps. If they are just friends then they represent the ultimate friendship goals.